Gallery of Murska Sobota

Works of Art from Prekmurje

5.2. - 5.4.2009

The aim of the exhibition is to present the main milestones of art history from romanticism to modernism in the region Prekmurje. The exhibiting pieces are of great importance since they were collected by noble families, churches and are now presented among art work from public and private collections. The exhibition also presents world famous work, single one of the pieces tells us a story and expresses the spirit of the past of this region. 

 dr. Janez Balažic

Dr. Janez Balažic is an art historian and a currator at the Regional Museum of Murska Sobota. He was awarded the Izidor Cankar Prize (for the exhibition Umetnine iz Prekmurja (Art from Prekmurje)) for outstanding achievements in the field of art history (SUZD).