1st Exhibition of Works of the Association of Fine Artists of Prekmurje and Prlekija

18. 12. 1992 – 31. 1. 1993

The foundation of the Association of Plastic Artists of Prekmurje and Prlekija means an organic continuation, enrichment and expanding of the plastic and gallery activity which presents one of the most active and widely spread fields of the cultural life of our region.

Yet it was only in recent times that our region has obtained a new and vital generation of art historians who are sure to contribute much to further growth and evolution of creativeness and plastic arts. This they are going to achieve by means of scientific research and constructive and critical evaluation of sources and literature which, if truth to be hold have also only lately come into being.

I would like to conclude by saying that our research exhibitions and our striving for a permanent collection of modern plastic art, based upon works of local artists and exhibits of small sculpture (currently consisting of about 650 works) give the Gallery of Murska Sobota the status of an important regionally-oriented national gallery which reaches into the wider European space with two of its most prominent manifestations: the International Biennial of Small Sculpture and the International Exhibition of Plastic Arts Pannonia.

Franc Obal


Nikolaj Beer, Ivo Bošnjaković, Sandi Červek, Marika Danč, Jože Denko, Štefan Galič, Endre Göntér, Štefan Hauko, Zdenko Huzjan, Ferenc Király, Suzanne Király-Moss, Ignac Meden, Franc Mesarič, Vlado Potočnik, Mirko Rajnar