22nd Exhibition of the International Art Colony Lendava

16. 3. 1995 – 4. 4. 1995

Between the 20th and 30th of August, artists from three countries, Slovenia, Hungary and Austria, arrived, united and worked in the Lendava castle. Some of them formerly acquainted, all of them enthusiastic, creative explorers, in 10 days produced numerous works each, thereby entering, as have a very large group of colleagues before them, the huge fine art chronicle of Lendava. Yes, they were chroniclers, too: through their artistic and spiritual creeds, they recorded the mood of the Lendava milieu at the end of August 1994.

Janez Balažic

Participating Artists: Suzanne Király-Moss, Helmut Kortan, Susane Kortan Gimbel, Albert Kresz, László Nemes, Ildikó Simsay, Géza Szily