25th Exhibition of International Art Colony in Lendava

13. 3. 1998 – 5. 4. 1998

With the fruits of this year’s Lendava International Fine Arts Colony, whose current silver jubilee number of 25 summers has been attained without interruption, we approach anew the inceptive, somewhat romantic experiences of the Colony’s assemblage of landscape painters. That is to say, the majority of works in this year’s Colony inclines toward that favoured theme, the landscape, which most often fused the masters’ brushes in past outdoor painting. Naturally, at first glance a specific region is not always recognizable; for example, Lendava’s distinctive skyline silhouette, or typical scens of its picturesque surroundings. Often, there is merely a colourful and personally – accentuated semblance of an intensive experience, or the response to an isolated detail, to a familiar spot, or to a newly-discovered secret of the place. Still, with careful perusal, even in those works of art that are far removed from the objective, we detect tendencious strokes upon whose abstract forms an unmistakable locality, with its inherent colour, rhythm and shimmering atmosphere, was impressed; and that ultimately left its mark upon the easy-going group.
Breda Ilich Klančnik

Participating Artists:

Dare Birsa, Marika Danč Roth, György Dolán, Zoltán Gábor, Endre Gönter, Sead Hasenefendić, Štefan Hauko, Zdenko Huzjan, Ferenc Király, Suzanne Király-Moss, Janez Knez, László Nemes, Ludvik Pandur, Ljubo Škrnjug