26th Exhibition of International Art Colony in Lendava

11. 3. 1999 – 29. 3. 1999

Nothing particularly new happened, not in the Colony itself, which is among the oldest in Slovenia, nor among the artists who had gathered, as usual, from everywhere. The mixture of languages relaxed with the help of the excellent »Lendavčan« wine, and people talked of just about everything before each presented his or her own personal story through the language of art. The list of the painters who »portrayed« the magnificent castle architecture grew longer again; and also the sunny hills of the Lendava vineyards, as had happened so often, captured the attention of those who came to these parts for the first time.

Breda Ilich Klančnik

Participating Artists:

Lászlo Balkay, Dubravko Baumgartner, Nikolaj Beer, Cvetka Hojnik Dorojevič, Janez Knez, János Lipovics, Franc Mesarič, Marina Mihelič Satler, Vojko Pogačar, Darja Vidic