Andrej Jemec. Paintings and Graphics

12. 5. 2005 – 3. 6. 2005

The painting of Andrej Jemec, as regards style and the way of painting, is genuine action painting. The interaction between momentary sensation and its reflection requires for the painting to be completed rapidly which is why it is comprised in all its immediateness. Although the disintegration of material world is consistent, there are still colour stains which are integrated into antropomorph colour entities which is in direct contrast to Leonard’s staring into stains upon ancient walls. What is more, with some sections of his paintings one gets the impression that one has spotted a part of an object, reminiscent of an object from one’s own experience. However, if one tries to see painting as a whole, one finds that even the section, one has found to be the key to the painting, disintegrates into coloured blurs. The same thing occurs when one believes that one has spotted letters of the Western alphabet or letter of some Eastern scripture. The deception of illusion is perfect for the painting fails to reflect anything material; what it represents is its own image and a profound, deliberate and thoroughly optimistic hymn of life and painting. His paintings are not simple colour paintings, they are paintings permeated by profusion of colours and they make it possible for each colour nuance to radiate not only collectively but also individually.

Unlike his paintings his etchings are created with black colour on white paper so instead of orchestration of layers of colour it is the contrast between the two auxiliary colours which speaks for itself in that his etchings, too, give the impression of blurs expanding into deceptive antropomorph shapes and intertwinement of lines, disclosing their origin. Radiation of colours finds its calmness in black-and-white etchings even though the said calmness is far from being perfect for its triggers a renewed craving for colour.

                                                                                                                        Robert Inhof

Andrej Jemec

Andrej Jemec was born 29.11.1934 in Vižmarje near Ljubljana. He studied painting at Academy of Fine Arts in Ljubljana (1953–58). He graduated 1958 at Prof. Gabrijel Stupica. Prešeren Foundation Grant enabled him to continue his studies in Paris (1963–64), and in London. He taught at grammar school in Šentvid near Ljubljana (1958–61), afterwards he was freelancer artist from 1962 until 1973. That same year he achieved university lectureship and began to teach at Academy of Fine Arts in Ljubljana, from 1984 until his retirement in 1999 as regular professor of painting and drawing for undergraduate and postgraduate studies. In the period from 1997–1981 he was elected dean of the Academy of Fine Arts at Ljubljana University twice.