Anton Buzeti. Caricatures

5. 2. 2003 – 28. 2. 2003

Through their directness and lack of metaphors most of caricatures miss the point and sink into transparent banality. Anton Buzeti is one of the very few art teachers who is not only familiar with artistic requirements that a caricature has to meet but is also able to thoroughly enjoy creating caricatures. The kind of caricature he is best at is situation caricature. Quite often one is forced to smile at highly ambitious and ‘serious’ artists who are out to change the world, although being laughed at may be the last thing the artist desires. Buzeti’s caricatures, however, are very different in that one smiles only when Buzeti wants one to smile.

                                                                                   Robert Inhof

Anton Buzeti

Anton Buzeti, born 29. December 1959 in Murska Sobota. Lives and works in Bakovci. His caricatures are published in Vestnik and Vroči Kaj.