Anton Buzeti. Erotic Caricatures

11. 6. 2009 – 9. 7. 2009

Buzeti’s erotic caricatures are rough and therefore remind us of Larry Flynt’s hardcore pornographic newspaper Hustler. The main difference between them is that Buzeti didn’t include any political statements but focused exclusively on eroticism. It is interesting that the artist didn’t offend any social groups. Buzeti doesn’t make any differences between male and female nor praises one in particular. Both genders are equal. It is not Flynt’s Hustler that inspired him but the caricaturists Robert Lassalvy and Oto Reisinger. He was fascinated by Lassalvy’s erotic entanglements, Reisinger’s masterly drawings and his typical physiognomy of the caricatured characters. Buzeti didn’t want to create irritating, seductive or inspiring erotic scenes. They could have been great but a significant element would be missing – humour. In order to achieve this humoristic effect, Buzeti focused on erotic entanglements.

                                                                                                                                         Robert Inhof

 Anton Buzeti

Anton Buzeti was born on 29.12.1959 in Murska Sobota. He graduated at the pedagogical academy in Maribor. He lectures art at OP Bakovci, SBŠ Rakičan and SZŠ Murska Sobota. His caricatures were published in newspapers Večer, Vroči Kaj, Glasilo študentov medicine FM Ščene, Vestnik and the magazine Furthermore, he is a recognized illustrator famous for his folk tales. Buzeti won several prizes; one of them was the ˝Golden Olive Prize˝ on the 1stInternational OLIVE cartoon contest. He works and lives in Bakovci.