Bogdan Borčič, Jože Tisnikar and Karel Pečko. Paintings

20. 11. 1998 – 13. 12. 1998

When watching and experiencing their works of art one can perhaps find and perceive a certain strange bondage among them, especially in the shape of strong radiation of energy and cold black, grey, violet, green and other colour nuances which – in the paintings by Borčič – tend to realise the visualization of the equilibrium of life made homogenous; in Tisnikar paintings these nuances reflect the anxiety and cruelty of man’s existence; in Pečko’s work, however, they present a somewhat muffled dynamics perceived within things or objects – which do exist, wich are here to stay and which can be perceived by the means of surterestrial light – and their magical transition into the world of painter’s visions.vizij.
Franc Obal

Bogdan Borčič

Jože Tisnikar

Karel Pečko