Bogdan Čobal. Paintings and Grapics

12. 9. 2002 – 3. 10. 2002

The tirelessly enquiring personality of the academic painter Bogdan Čobal represents the synthesis of a creator and an art theoretician, in which he has engaged as an art teacher for most of his professional life. Throughout his entire artistic opus, painting and graphic art have interlaced equally and in correlation highlighted by intensive artistic and theoretical research, the results polemized within new artistic cycles. Simultaneously, the whole Čobal opus shows an absorbing analysis of issues arising from the interaction of space, light and colours. In particular, he is engaged in the bordering of the plane and the colour respectively, which is also an issue for the ultramodern Slovenian abstract artists.

                                                                                                   Mario Berdič

Bogdan Čobal

The Academic painter Bogdan Čobal was born August 19th 1942 in Zrenjanin. Studied at the Academy of Fine Arts in Ljubljana, and graduated in painting in 1967 under Prof. Maksim Sedej. Worked as an art teacher, and before retiring also as senior lecturer for painting and drawing at the Pedagogical Faculty in Maribor. Member of the ZDSLU (USFAA – Union of Slovenian Fine Artists Associations) and DLUM (MFAA – Maribor Fine Artists’ Association) where he acted as chairman for several years.