David Smyth. Notes from New York

15. 5. 1998 – 2. 6. 1998

The art of David Smyth can not, in any respect, negate its affinities with the tradition of the American abstract expressionism and particularly with action painting. The artist’s approach to the understanding and to the use of collage seems to stem from his personal artistic level and his presence in the contemporary environment. It is a kind of psychological presence in the environment; not only a reaction to, but also a reflection upon it, that is devoid of every kind of literary symbolism. It is collage in all its fullness and sumptuousness of addition and subtraction, of accumulation and distribution of space. But before mastering space, he lays out a king of rough orientation grid that is even more vague than the structure of the canvas which the artist challenges again and again. The grid provides that inspirational element which commits and at the same time liberates the painter in terms of accumulating the constant flow of new images.

Aleksander Bassin

David Smyth

David Smyth
Born in Washington D.C. on December 2
Conconran School of Art, Washington, D.C.
Skowhegan School of Painting and Sculpture
Bachelor of Fine Arts, School of the Art Institute v Chicagu
Master of Fine Arts, School of the Art Institute v Chicagu