EUphoria (2004)

10. 6. 2004 – 4. 7. 2004

EU-phoria – an exhibition where noted creative artists from five new European Union countries met together to display their cultural roots and to advance their individual visions. Representation. Their own, that of their community, of their historical experiences and, at the same time, their future representation.t.
Artists from Slovenia, the Czech Republic, Slovakia, Estonia and Hungary met virtually at this exhibition, carrying along individual ideas. As Faces, they stood opposite one other, and tones of debate, critique, discourse began to ring in their works.
If we look at the works in the present exhibition, we see our own faces mirrored in them, and those of others. Superb creations and artists who have deemed it important to appear together, one beside the other, with their openness, include the public in the playground as well: comprehension is never ending; it spurs one to constant rebirth, rejuvenating the continuity of generations at the brink of the abyss and at the turning point. Without emptiness and emptying.

János M. Lehota


Igor Banfi , Dubravko Baumgartner , Zoltan Gabor, Endre Gonter, Cvetka Hojnik, Zdenko Huzjan, Ferenc Király, Suzanne Király Moss, András Berkes, Dóra Berkes, Tibor Buraházi, György Csuta, György Ezüst, Zoltán Ezüst, József Gyecsek, István Kotnyek, Lázslo Lonovics, Zoltán Ludvig, Imre Nágy, Lászlo Nemes, György Dolán, Ján Kelemen, Aleksej Kraščenič, Ján Hlavatý, Urmas Berecki, Kalman Karin