Exhibition of Works of the International Fine Arts Colony Lendava 2005

7. 6. 2006 – 28. 6. 2006

In this time of our Lord, it is beyond the reach of Lendava’s International Fine Arts Colony to save the world, but while it pledges itself to aims more modest in design, we are nonetheless staggered by its vitality and attainments. The Colony’s organizers have decided upon a more difficult path in the last few years and are paying special attention to sculpturing, which is a far more demanding order of creativity financially than two-dimensional art. The organizers have also striven to provide the artists with the most suitable conditions for that branch of the arts. Witness the fact, for example, last year’s statuary marble, Italian Carrara, from which the artists chiseled inimitable creations, was acquired from the best known quarry on our continent, and this year they set up a workshop for casting sculptures in bronze. The significance of that step can not be emphasized too strongly for it would be hard to find such an industrious colony anywhere else in Europe where something similar might be offered.

                                            László Kostyál


Metod Frlic, Sándor Györfi, Ferenc Király, Krisztina Kunos, JánosLestyán-Goda, Ladislav Sabo