International Triennial of Small-Size Sculpture

1. 6. 2001 – 16. 9. 2001

The scope of architectonic small-size sculpture – which is how the theme was defined in 2001 – is reflected not only in its independence but also in its harmony and the logic of its interior structure and its relationship with space where it is bound to have a very pronounced function. The classification in the sense of figurative and abstract architectonic small-size sculpture is practically irrelevant, for it is the pretension on the part of an artist, which is to define the classification ratio of form in iconographic sense, or else it is left to independent function in summarizing the given and, to some extent co-shaped space.ega prostora.

                                                                                                                  Aleksander Bassin

Artistic Director of the Triennial

Dr. Christoph Brockhaus

Curators of individual countries

Aleksander Bassin (Slovenia), dr. Barbara Lülf (Austria, Germany, Switzerland), Serge Fauchereau (Belgium, France), dr. Jan Križ (Chech Republic), prof. dr. Oystein Hyort (Denmark, Norway, Sweden), Željka Čorak (Croatia), dr. Lázsló Beke (Hungary), Jaap Bremer (The Netherlands, Great Britain), dr. Ileana Pintilie Teleaga (Romania)


Jože Plečnik (Slovenia), Slavko Tihec (Slovenia), Willi Kopf (Austria), Fritz Wotruba (Austria), Erwin Heerich (Germany), Ulf Hegewald (Germany), Hans Aeschbacher (Switzerland), Florin Granwehr (Switzerland), Francis Dusepulchre (Belgium), Saul Kaminer Reinhound (France), Petr Cisarovsky (Chech Republic), Jaroslav Rona (Chech Republic), Jorgen Carlo Larsen (Denmark), Erland Knuddson Madsen (Denmark), Daniel Ostvold (Norway), Stein Ronning (Norway), Sirous Namazi (Sweden), Asa Sonjasdotter (Sweden), Željko Belić (Croatia), Slavomir Drinković (Croatia), András Böröcz (Hungary), Nándor Herczeg (Hungary), Gergő Kovách (Hungary), Atelier Van Lieshout (The Netherlands), André Volten (The Netherlands), Darren Lago (Great Britain), Marcus Taylor (Great Britain), Rudolf Kocsis (Romania), Mihai Olos (Romania)