Ivana Kobilica and Ferdo Vesel

8. 9. 1988 – 2. 10. 1988

Ivana Kobilica

Ivana Kobilca, by far the most distinguished Slovene paintress was born December 20th, 1861 and died December 4th, 1926 in Ljubljana. She lived in various European cities like Vienna, Munich and Paris, Sarajevo and Berlin. She belonged to the generation of Slovene realist painters who created their best works of art in the 80s of the 19th century. Artistic ideals, her friends and acquaintances brought her into contact with many other European painters. Ivana Kobilca, later member of Société Nationale des Beaux-Arts in Paris, was born in a modest provincial family. She graduated from the high school and then took lessons with the insignificant paintress Ida Künl. She continued her studies in Vienna (1879 – 1880) where she was copying the paintings at the gallery of the Academy of Arts. Her next stage had been Munich. She perfected her art as a quite independent student of Alois Erdtelt. In 1888 she participated for the first time in a public exhibition by sending two of her pictures to the Künstlerhaus in Vienna. At the next exhibition in the Glaspalast in Munich her talents were praised by the best known German critic of that time Richard Muther. Since then her paintings made a long way to various European exhibitions: to Paris, Berlin, Prague. Leipzig, Basel, Dresden, Budapest, Ratisbon etc. Her arrival to Paris was crowned with success. Together with the Swiss Ferdinand Hodler and the Czech Vojtech Hynais she was given the membership of the Société Nationale des Beaux-Arts. Then she returned to Ljubljana. In her native town she could not hold out for long. She spent a few months in Florence (1894), some years later (1897) she moved to Sarajevo. In this oriental environment she lived till 1905. This long stay in Sarajevo was followed by a short visit to Ljubljana. Soon the paintress accepted the invitation of her old friends and moved to Berlin (1906) leaving it only at the beginning of the First World War.

Ferdo Vesel

He was born on 18th May 1861 in Ljubljana. In Ljubljana, he studied with Franz Globočniku, at the Vienna Academy with Christian Griepenkerl, Augustu Eisenmangerju and Carlu Wurzingerju . Dissatisfied he went to Munich, where he continued his education with Johann Caspar Herterich and Ludwig von Löfftz. In 1888 he graduated, but he remained in Munich for the next five years. After this period he returned to Ljubljana for a short time, then he traveled throughout Europe.