Ladislav Danč (1932-1979). Memorial Exhibition

3. 9. 1999 – 23. 9. 1999

Ladislav Danč

Ladislav Danč was born in 1932 in Prosenjakovci (the region Goričko). After finishing the primary school, he continued his education at the state college of education in Maribor, where his teacher – the academic painter Maks Kavčič – soon discovered his drawing talent. After he finished his education in Maribor, Danč registered at the Academy of fine arts in Ljubljana (he graduated in 1959), started working at RTV Slovenia. He decided to continue his career as an independent artist. In 1967, Danč returned to Prekmurje and joined the group DHLM (Ladislav Danč, Štefan Hauko, Lojze Logar, Franc Mesarič). The group is of great importance, since the artists introduced modern art to Prekmurje (pop art, photorealism …). Ladislav Danč died in 1979.