Marjan Gumilar. Paintings

29. 4. 1995 – 29. 4. 1995

In Gumilar’s opus one can constantly admire the intertwining of the autonomous plastic language, which establishes an image according to its own principles, with the reminiscence of the original natural elements which tend to disclose to us a small part of the natural environment or only a part of the perception for that matter, which, however, seems to be stressed. Thus his painting is disclosed to us as being lyrical, although it is organized according to strict principles of the concrete plastic sintax, whereby the autonomy of the painting sooner or later becomes a principle which is able to regulate the surface of the painting. As regards his creative work one can speak of the processing of a visual stimulus, springing from nature (in the sense of virtual reality) into a rigorous construct of the sintax of the painting, dominated by an ascetic meditation on nature and the laws of the plastic language.jezika.

Tomislav Vignjević

Marjan Gumilar

Marjan Gumilar was born on the 24.3.1956 in Murska Sobota. He graduated at the Akademija za likovno umetnost (Academy of fine arts) in Ljubljana in 2002, his mentor was the recognized painter Gustav Gnamuš. Between 1987 and 2007 Marjan Gumilar worked as an independent artist in Ljubljana. During this period he was travelling and educating himself in France, Germany, the USA and Estonia. Since 2007, Gumilar lectures painting at ALOU in Ljubljana.