Martina Bohar. Graphics

5. 5. 2006 – 26. 5. 2006

Disfigured rats that are cut in half are not meant to represent homeopathic magic or apotropaic symbols. Martina Bohar’s graphics make it possible for the fairy Hamelin whistler to become a scientist who leads the rats into a sterile and analgenic laboratory. Being aware of the rats’ pain, we can carelessly experience fascination over our own scientific result. Simultaneously, Bohar tried to express an anxious message of the future, which she witnessed from the stains of her work.

Robert Inhof

Martina Bohar

Martina Bohar was born in 1975 in Murska Sobota. In 1995 she registered at the Academy for fine arts in Ljubljana (painting, her mentor was professor Emerik Bernard). She graduated in 1999 (professor Branko Suhy). In 2002, she got her master degree in graphics (professor Branko Suhy). She currently lives and works in Murska Sobota.