Mirko Bratuša. Ordinary statues

6. 6. 2003 – 2. 7. 2003

The conception on the part of Bratuša has re-directed the perception of the gallery space into the idea deep within himself as regards the presentation of his sculpting creativeness. Reflective process has been directed in that now he is looking for the works-of-art which should make it possible for him to surpass the bare yet architectually agitated gallery space in terms of spiritual comprehension and experience in order to realize the concept of the exhibition which is to include some of his earlier works, complete with newer ones which he feels have perfected the earlier ones; in this way the artist does not only want to revitalize the original idea but seeks to expand and enrich it in the sense of broadening its spiritual dimension, in accordance with the existing spatial possibilities of the Gallery of Murska Sobota.

Bratuša realises his artistic expression with the help of the principles of expressiveness of shape and material. The nature of his artistic language is clearly recognizable; he adjusts the structure of his artistic language to the applied materials or else he emphasizes the features of certain shapes and structures which he expresses with the help of characteristics somewhat ambiguous objectivity. He is very ingenious as regards the location of his indoor but also outdoor statues. He uses every available spatial possibility, from the walls, the floor and the ceiling to apertures, stairs and podium. In accordance with them he shapes and places his sculptures within various spatial coordinates as well as on various height levels. All of the aforesaid enables diversified ways of perception of size and volume on the one hand but also of motion paths on the other hand, united in the sense of accumulated static energy of his sculptures.
Mirko Bratuša is a sculptor who applies classical sculpting techniques; through carefully planed, study-oriented research work, good command of technology and top-notch skill as regards the making of a sculpture he has constantly broadened the perceptible realm of three-dimensional medium of sculpting.


                                                                                                                        Franc Obal

Mirko Bratuša

Mirko Bratuša was born on February 19, 1963. 1948–1989 he studied at the Academy of Fine Arts of Ljubljana, 1990–1992 at the Academy of Fine Arts of München and in 1993 at the Academy of Fine Arts of Düsseldorf. In 1993 he completed graduatio studies at the Academy of Fine Arts of Ljubljana.

In 1993 he was the initiator and organiser os sculptors’ meeting at Gornja Radgona and he became freelance artist. In 1997 he stopped being freelance artist and took a job as profesor of sculpting at Pedagogical College of Ljubljana, Slovenia. In 2002 he became head of Gallery of Pedagogical College of Ljubljana.