Photographic Exhibition of Mariborski krog

8. 3. 2006 – 29. 3. 2006

The photography of the sixties (Photo club Maribor) and especially the seventies has grown into a specific unit, which has influenced the Slovenian photography of the 20th century. Though the most recognized artists have been inspired by similar motives, they have developed a personal accession to their work. We can not interpret this fact as an intentional provocation but as searching and emphasizing the artists’ own individuality. This characteristic is typical for the artists’ success, which became even more obvious when the group drifted apart and the photographers started to work and organize exhibitions independently.

                                                                                                                                                                                 Boris Gorupič


Antonio Baričević, Ivo Čerlet, Ivan Dvoršak, Martin Germ, Janko Jelnikar, Zmago Jeraj, Branimir Jerneić, Stojan Kerbler, Peter Lešnik, Dragiša Modrnijako, Zore Plešnar, Marjan Stojko, Simon Tihec, Vinko Vedlin in Franjo Vršič