Robert Černelč. Paintings (2002)

12. 7. 2002 – 4. 8. 2002

Černelč builds his field of painting as an aggressive nucleus which seems not only to attract object but also to drive them back. Thus repellent segments of complementary colours appear in his paintings which makes the paintings as a whole look extremely tense and nervous. The artist does not really fill his paintings with images and figures but with colour nuances. He is far from being stingy with them hence he uses very heterogeneous colour palette the function of which is the same as the function of thick layers of colour.

                                                                                                  Robert Inhof

Robert Černelč

Born in Murska Sobota in 1970.
– graduated at the Academy of fine arts in Ljubljana in 1999, his mentor was Emerik Bernard
– a master degree at the Academy of fine arts in Ljubljana in 2002, his mentors were prof. Herman Gvadjančič and prof. Srečo Dragan
– a master degree at AGRFT (Academy of Theatre, Radio, Film and Television) in Ljublana in 2004 (film director)