Sandi Červek. Paintings and Drawings

29. 6. 1990 – 22. 7. 1990

The goal which the painter wanted to reach has almost been reached. Further uniforming of the painting would demand monochromity which Červek’s painting art surely tends to and vanishing of the line, that exactly in its settled rhythm represents the artist’s manuscript and individualization of his painting art. We can see in it (However with physical realization by means of colour pigment) Červek’s personal answer to the question how to make an abstract painting. Reduction, i.e. abstraction of painting elements, has been carried out to such level, which still reflects his personal will that preserves individual features and at the same time takes care of metier as a condition for a Staffelpainting.
Meta Gabršek – Prosenc

Sandi Červek

Born 1960 in Murska Sobota. Studied at the Academy of Fine Arts, Ljubljana. Took his degree in 1985 with Professor Gustav Gnamuš.