Silvije Arc Popovič. Sculptures and Objects

14. 6. 2002 – 7. 7. 2002

Popovič’s works, despite being made from seemingly inexpensive and common everyday materials, nevertheless attain an entirely different artistic status of a painting, a collage, a drawing which is marked by a shift from two-dimensional surface of a painting into a three-dimensional spatial object, an artifact or a small size sculpture. In this way Silvije Arc Popovič has – in his own way – defined the question of spatial effect on the part of a work-of-art which is one of the most fundamental modernist principles of artistic creative work..

                                                                                                                     Franc Obal

Silvije Arc Popovič

He was born on 6. 11. 1950 in Maribor. He is an academic sculptor and graphyst. He studied on the Academy of Fine Arts, at the University of Ljubljana under prof. Tršar and prof. B. Borčič.