Small-Size Sculpture in Slovenia During the Last Decade of the 20th Century

17. 11. 2000 – 17. 12. 2000

One can maintain that small.size sculpture, created in the nineties, is very much a part of the artistic production of contemporary Slovenian sculptors. It is not just a marginal deliberation or experimental verification of options for a subsequent magnification but an autonomous and original sculptural discipline. It is true that there is not much searching for small-size sculpture which would take a step beyond in the use of gallery space towards a more architectural application in the sense of kinetic objects and inclusion of light, or objects which would be created as direct result of scientific research in close association with art.
Still, some of the exhibited works are kind of indispensable manuscript identifying the creator with the sculpture for it has been created not only as superstructure to the already accomplished but also as a result of permanent deliberation in order to find an individual artistic expression and language which would define the essence of the created work of art and enhance the development of contemporary Slovenian sculpture.
                                                                                                     Franc Obal

Participating Artists:

Stojan Batič, Mirsad Begić, Franc Bencak, Jiři Bezlaj, Janez Boljka, Milena Braniselj, Mirko Bratuša, Irena Brunec, Dragica Čadež, Peter Černe, Vasilije Ćetković, Ivo Goisniker, Lovro Inkret, Metka Kavčič Tekač, Ferenc Király, Tomaž Kolarič, Janez Lenassi, Erik Lovko, Roman Makše, Ignac Meden, Štefanija Petrić, Silvije Popovič Arc, Zmago Posega, Franci Purg, Boštjan Putrih, Naca Rojnik, Drago Rozman Vit, Saba Skaberne, Mojca Smerdu, Vojko Štuhec, Sonja Tavčar – Skaberne, Drago Tršar, Dušan Tršar, Vinko Tušek, Alenka Vidrgar, Jože Vrščaj, Momo Vuković