Suzanne Király-Moss. Paintings (1985)

8. 11. 1985 – 24. 11. 1985

Suzanne Király-Moss

Her native Chicago, Illinois (USA), where she was born in 1937, had barely left trace on her consciousness, and then, endless relocation. The first larger relocation, Texas, where she graduated from high school; then Chicago again, and later, New York where she enrolled at the Art Students’ League. Also she attended few several semesters at the Academy of Fine Arts in Zagreb. If having met the student there from the department of sculpturing, Ferenc Király, was by chance, from then on everything else ran parallel. His native town, Lendava, was somewhere on the way to Vienna, where, in 1967 she draduated from the Fine Arts Academy, where she later received her master’s degree. Right after graduating, marriage. She took her husband to America. They stayed for a very short time, resettling in the then communistic Yugoslavia, in her husband’s birthplace, Lendava, where without restraint she joined Union of Slovenia Fine Arts Association and the Association of Fine Artists of Prekmurje and Prlekije. There she established her family and surrendered herself to painting.

Summarized after Rajko Stupar

Povzeto po Rajku Stuparju