Tugo Šušnik. Paintings

6. 11. 2008 – 4. 12. 2008

The newest work of Tugo Sušnik contains golden, silver and fluorescent colours and can therefore be interpreted as offensive since these colours – in different painting and advertising concepts – are typically for the most aggressive visual daub. But it is this intentionally used colour concept that separates the artist’s work from daub. The use of silver and golden effects, which enable a completely different image, reminds us of daguerreotypes, which can be observed as a positive or a negative – depends from which side we are observing the work. We are dealing with a concept that can be witnessed in various spectra; heroes in animated films, little catholic figures, where we can see Jesus if we look at it from one side, when we change the position we see Mary. What we cannot see is the moment of transition itself.

                                                                                                                                             Robert Inhof

Tugo Šušnik

Tugo Sušnik was born on 24.11.1948 in Ljubljana. He spent his youth in London (1956-1965) and New York (1965-1968). Tugo studied painting at the Academy for fine arts in Ljubljana (1971-1976), his mentors were professor Nikolaj Omersa, Zoran Didek, Kiar Meško and Gabrijel Stupica. In 1979 he finished a special course in painting (professor Andrej Jemec, Jože Ciuha). Since receiving a scholarship from The Fulbright Program, Tugo studied at the Pratt Institute in New York (1979-1980). Since 2004, the artist works as a lecturer at the Academy for fine arts in Ljubljana. His work could be observed at 49 independent exhibitions, moreover he participated in more than 150 group exhibitions in Slovenia and abroad.