Vasilije Ćetković Vasko. Small-Scale Sculptures

14. 11. 2002 – 8. 12. 2002

Small-scale sculptures of Vasilij Ćetković Vasko are unique works-of-art which have resulted directly from sculptor’s enthusiasm and dedication to a chosen cycle whereby the artist as used the last atoms of his artistic power. Although one may be misled by common stylistic features it has to be point out that Ćetković has remained consistent regarding shapegiving and modelling of clay or cast, cutting or carving wood, composing structures from various materials, casting liquid aluminum and creating a sculpture or an object or some structural corporeity in his own different way.
Despite common morphological and typological external shapes his sculpting is characterized by personally experienced shapes which can be drafted and realised in a variety of ways in that these ways originate from his personal view of ideal forms of mostly spherical and oval shapes, reflecting a circle of never-ending motion and flow of creative energy and it is this circle that has defined and characterized his creative artistic career.

                                                                                        Franc Obal

Vasilije Ćetković Vasko

Vasilije Ćetković Vasko was born on 17 April 1938 at Lepenac a town between Mojkovac and Bijelo Polje, Montenegro. After elementary school he attended ‘Meštrovič Mala akademija’ of Split, Croatia whereupon he studied at academy of Fine Arts, Ljubljana, Slovenia, taking his degree in 1965. His creative work has constantly been observed by numerous art historians, art criticsand journalists. In 1992 his monograph was published.