Vladimir Potočnik Junior. Paintings

14. 5. 1999 – 31. 5. 1999

The painting of Vladimir Potočnik, Jr. is characterised by a radical and decisive option for formation of a very personal plastic expression originating from abstract world of open and closed spatial compositions linked to the dramatic effect of not only the colour field itself but also of its internal and external relationships, dark and gloomy amorphous shapes arranged at the forefront, which, although not clearly defined still manage to have a spatial effect; in the background of the carrier of spatial multi-layered structure of the paintng there are brighter and somewhat lighter colour passages.

Franc Obal

Vladimir Potočnik Junior

Born 22 November 1969 in Murska Sobota, Slovenia. 1991-1995 studies at the Academy of Fine Arts in Ljubljana with Prof. Gustav Gnamuš.