Vladimir Potočnik. Paintings (1999)

14. 5. 1999 – 31. 5. 1999

Within his plastic expressiveness his inner plastic language seems to be defined by external semantic units and shapes of material world in that this language of his is shaped with the help of spontaneous gesticulation of the dynamics of some very elementary process of real painting of everyday life. Recognizable forms and shapes of material world are linked closely to abstract existential spaces which are perceived inwardly and in close connection with the painter’s very intimate micro as well as macro world of not only his immediate neighbourhood but also of the broader region of the flatland of Prekmurje which then turns into the hilly landscape of Prlekija and Slovenske gorice.c.

Franc Obal

Vladimir Potočnik

Born 8 March 1943, Graz, Austria. Studied at the Academy of Fine Arts in Ljubljana. Completed post-graduate studies with Prof. Maksim Sedej in 1967. Teaches art at Elementary School Ivan Cankar in Ljutomer.