Vojko Pogačar

6. 11. 1997 – 30. 11. 1997

The Pogačar’s opus is characterised by stressed artistry being expressed through fine treatment of the painting surface, by colour shade and structural gradiations, by delination, radiation and by colourfullness. The colour has become the prime means of expression often forming the material substance of the painting in the heptical, tactile and structural sense. Stressing of the content is achived also by the colour constellation itself which is, in more recent works, most often in the specter from translucent pink via radiant yellow-orange gamma to red in all gradations.
The structural articulation is based on the alternation of thickly applied pasty layers, translucent painting portions and completely unpainted painting fragments. From time to time the author even uses, for the purpose of structuring of the painting, the collage technique applying non-painting materials or adds independently painted segments.
Edita Mileta