Zdenko Huzjan. Study exhibition

21. 12. 2000 – 22. 1. 2001

Through his painting Huzjan tells one of existential distress and human anxiety; still it is not only his way of painting which is anxious and uneasy. Contrary to other painters who feel obligated to present painting as suffering, as if many a work of art does not already reflect that, Huzjan´s way of painting is tender and sybaritic. He always pays close attention to his creative work and if he is not happy with his painting he destroys it. Only a painter who is aware of his limitations can tell how far he has come without becoming cocky in the process.

Huzjan’s figures cannot possibly be perceived as dream figures; his homunculus is not only a created form but also the point where the language of the world can become quite articulate. In a very original and unique way Huzjan speaks of the universality of this world. A welcome paradox, shared by every artist lies in the fact that the more these problems tend to be universal the more genuinely ours they get. It is only through our original feelings that this language can achieve its meaning and purpose, i.e. it can achieve the catharsis due to which the world seems to be a bit better at exactly the point where it is the poorest and the most corruptible – in its humanness.


                                                   Robert Inhof

Zdenko Huzjan

Born September 13, 1948 in Lendava. B.F.A. from the Academy of Fine Arts, Ljubljana (1972 – the class of Prof. Gabriel Stupica), M.F.A. painting from the Academy of Fine Arts, Ljubljana (1972-1974 – the class of Prof. Janez Bernik). In 1988 the University of Ljubljana assigned him the acknowledgment of art works and in 1997 named as the full professor for drawing and painting.
His works have been shown in more then 70 one-man exhibitions (Retrospective 1974, Slovenj Gradec, Galerija likovnih umetnosti – graphics; 1975, Ljubljana, Moderna galerija – paintings; 2000, Ljubljana, Mednarodni grafični center, Galerija Tivoli – drawings) and in more then 290 group exhibitions in homeland and abroad.
For his works he received several awards and recognitions, the most important of them is the award of The Prešeren Foundation (Prešernov sklad) for the year 1987 (1988).
Many Slovenian and foreign art collections include Huzjan’s works.

He lives and works in Ljubljana.