Zvest Apollonio, Erik Lovko and Klavdij Tutta. Paintings

5. 5. 2000 – 1. 6. 2000

One can maintain of all three painters that besides being committed to classical painting thex have two more features in common: a constant search for roots and spiritual turning back to origins of a broader Mediterreanen cultural space and its culture for they are heirs to it not only in material sense but also on account on their spiritually conditioned genetic scheme.
The co-existence of spatial and ambient dimensions bound by two lines of the forces of their spiritual perception of Mediterranean world is reflected in their paintings by a very special light and solid tectonics of composition of the field of a painting permeated by a sensible and hedonic address of the painter to a spectator.
Judging from this aspect one can claim that the above painters present an antipode to the painters of the region Prekmurje who have, through their work, introduced elements of Northeuropean painting into Slovenian fine arts, above all a somewhat anxious disposition, a not only physically and spiritually but also dramatically and expressively conveyed comprehension of their immediate environment, its people whereby they have applied a very eruptive, agitated long or short brush stroke featuring mystical colouring.
                                                                                                                                                      Franc Obal