Ignac Meden. After Raphael / Non-Painting

23. 11. 1995 - 18. 12. 1995 Works Ignac Meden Ignac Meden was born in 1951 in the village Depala vas. He studied at the Academy for fine arts in Ljubljana (graduated in 1981). He lives and works in Murska Sobota and Šalovci (the region Goričko).

Exhibition of Works of the Art Colony Lipovci 95

27. 9. 1995 - 16. 10. 1995 Works Participating Artists: Irena Brunec, Sandi Červek, Dušan Fišer, Izidor Horvat-Izak, Samo Pajek, Vojko Pogačar, Mirko Rajnar, Mitja Stanek, Jože Tisnikar  

12th International Biennial of Small Sculpture

30. 6. 1995 - 18. 9. 1995 The Biennial od Small Sculpture of Murska Sobota is trying to feel the pulse and to confront the artistic language of participants from Central Europe (Austria, Czech Republic, Slovak Republic, Hungary, Poland, Slovenia), Southern and Eastern Europe (Macedonia, Romania, Lithuania) and Western Europe (France, Great Britain, the Netherlands, [...]

Marjan Gumilar. Paintings

29. 4. 1995 - 29. 4. 1995 In Gumilar's opus one can constantly admire the intertwining of the autonomous plastic language, which establishes an image according to its own principles, with the reminiscence of the original natural elements which tend to disclose to us a small part of the natural environment or only a part [...]

Association of Fine Artists of Prekmurje and Prlekija. My Drawing

6. 4. 1995 - 4. 5. 1995 The three year existence of the Fine Arts Society of Prekmurje and Prlekija (DLUPP) demonstrates the continuance of our original aim born at the onset of our Society. Along the way we have also acquired new members. evident in this year’s exhibit, we decided to pursue a new [...]

22nd Exhibition of the International Art Colony Lendava

16. 3. 1995 - 4. 4. 1995 Between the 20th and 30th of August, artists from three countries, Slovenia, Hungary and Austria, arrived, united and worked in the Lendava castle. Some of them formerly acquainted, all of them enthusiastic, creative explorers, in 10 days produced numerous works each, thereby entering, as have a very large [...]