Jože Denko. Paintings, Drawings and Graphics

20. 12. 1996 - 30. 1. 1997 In his latest works a stressed rational definition of the Pannonia space within a two-dimensional field of the painting becomes evident, whereby the said definition  can be drafted horizontally or vertically; in this way it can determine and set the rim and conditions as regards the central field [...]

Irena Brunec. Small-Scale Sculptures and Paintings

26. 11. 1996 - 15. 12. 1996 Her attachment to figuralism in the sense of the dramatically grotesque deformation of the human body or mythological creatures in her early sculptures, created in the early nineties, this time around in her tiny small sculptures, created spontaneously and formally perfect in the shape of “contemporary bronzes”, this [...]

Exhibition of Works of the Association of Fine Artists of Prekmurje and Prlekija

12. 4. 1996 - 9. 5. 1996 Works Participating Artists: Nikolaj Beer, Franc Bencak, Darko Birsa, Irena Brunec, Sandi Červek, Marinka Danč Roth, Jože Denko, Štefan Galič, Zlatko Gnezda, Marjan Gumilar, Endre Göntér, Štefan Hauko, Zdenko Huzjan, Suzanne Király Moss, Franc Mesarič, Vlado Potočnik, Ignac Premoša, Mirko Rajnar