Vojko Pogačar

6. 11. 1997 - 30. 11. 1997 The Pogačar's opus is characterised by stressed artistry being expressed through fine treatment of the painting surface, by colour shade and structural gradiations, by delination, radiation and by colourfullness. The colour has become the prime means of expression often forming the material substance of the painting in the [...]

Painting Colony Lipovci 97

10. 10. 1997 - 2. 11. 1997 Works Participating Artists: Igor Banfi, Sandi Červek, Jože Denko, Štefan Hauko, Izidor Horvatm Janez Knez, Jože Marinč, Lucija Močnik, Dora Plestenjak, Mirko Rajnar, Simona Zakoč

Zmago Jeraj. Krivoustneži

18. 9. 1997 - 5. 10. 1997 Zmago Jeraj is a perfectionist. The structural harmony of his photographies, performed with aesthetic relevance, seems as a precondition and the only possible start for the snap to arise at all. The search or the sudden disclosure of a situation, which corresponds with the visual context of his [...]

13th International Biennial of Small Plastic

23. 6. 1997 - 14. 9. 1997 One can maintain that the biennials have mainly stuck to small plastic as a »genre«, so this is for the first time that the biennial has brought small plastic with a defined theme featuring a common artistic and creative starting point. Thus the thirteenth biennial tends to present [...]

Štefan Balázs. Wandering Through a Rose Garden

9. 5. 1997 - 27. 5. 1997 The exhibition of Štefan Balázs' paintings concludes a period of the last five years, 1992-1997. It aims at continuous affiration where a leading theme of the story is a search with the help of formal and contextual changes of realities. A title of the exhibition as well as [...]

Ignac Premoša. Paintings

11. 4. 1997 - 5. 5. 1997   Dela Ignac Premoša Ignac Premoša was born in 1947 in Apače near Gornja Radgona. After he had finished primary and secondary school he attended the Academy of Fine Arts in Ljubljana. His mentor was Prof. Kiar Meško. Today he lives and creates in an idyllic village named [...]

János Németh. Sculptures

7. 3. 1997 - 30. 3. 1997 His works stand for monumentality even in their littleness. They are made smaller but they are not small. Their greatness does not depend on their size but on their effect and inner content. It does not contradict the fact that if the place and the demands require big [...]