Jože Slak Đoka and Marko Jakše. Ne t´č ne m´š

10. 3. 2000 - 31. 3. 2000   Works Jože Slak Đoka Slak was born on 12 March 1951 in Jablan near Mirna Peč in the Dolenjska region. After attending primary school in Koper and the Technical Secondary School (chemistry department) in Ljubljana, he studied painting at the Ljubljana Academy of Fine Arts from 1971 [...]

Dušan Kirbiš. Paintings

4. 2. 2000 - 29. 2. 2000 In Kirbiš's work we repeatedly come upon unusual effects of the de materialization of the surface, even where the special effect of colour and texture is achieved exactly by directly applying different materials onto canvas. Once and again, the matter dissolves into spaces of colour, into illusion, into [...]