Vasilije Ćetković Vasko. Small-Scale Sculptures

14. 11. 2002 - 8. 12. 2002 Small-scale sculptures of Vasilij Ćetković Vasko are unique works-of-art which have resulted directly from sculptor's enthusiasm and dedication to a chosen cycle whereby the artist as used the last atoms of his artistic power. Although one may be misled by common stylistic features it has to be point out that [...]

Franc Bencak. Objekti in slike

10. 10. 2002 - 6. 11. 2002 Likovna ustvarjalnost Franca Bencaka, po letih najstarejšega člana Društva likovnih umetnikov Prekmurja in Prlekije, odraža njegovo veliko ljubezen in vero v ustvarjalno moč likovna umetnosti. Znotraj nje se ni zadovoljil le z enostavnim »nedeljskim« preslikavanjem narave, marveč je v njej iskal možnost za odkrivanje svojih kreativnih sposobnosti in [...]

Bogdan Čobal. Paintings and Grapics

12. 9. 2002 - 3. 10. 2002 The tirelessly enquiring personality of the academic painter Bogdan Čobal represents the synthesis of a creator and an art theoretician, in which he has engaged as an art teacher for most of his professional life. Throughout his entire artistic opus, painting and graphic art have interlaced equally and [...]

Robert Černelč. Paintings (2002)

12. 7. 2002 - 4. 8. 2002 Černelč builds his field of painting as an aggressive nucleus which seems not only to attract object but also to drive them back. Thus repellent segments of complementary colours appear in his paintings which makes the paintings as a whole look extremely tense and nervous. The artist does [...]

Silvije Arc Popovič. Sculptures and Objects

14. 6. 2002 - 7. 7. 2002 Popovič's works, despite being made from seemingly inexpensive and common everyday materials, nevertheless attain an entirely different artistic status of a painting, a collage, a drawing which is marked by a shift from two-dimensional surface of a painting into a three-dimensional spatial object, an artifact or a small size [...]

Jože Denko. Photograps

9. 5. 2002 - 5. 6. 2002 Heroic development of photography was based on media of black and white photography. This, by the nature itself, could not be focused on colorful atmospheric phenomena. With this point of view, Denko takes the risk to be presented as a conservative author. But this statement in simply not [...]

Suzanne Király-Moss. Paintings

11. 4. 2002 - 5. 5. 2002 The autonomy of her personal, creative language fluctuates. It spans from lyrically perceived and emotionally experienced works to materialization with descriptive, structural gradations. This we discover in the stratified epidermis of pictorial spaces made up of diverse objects like circles, ovals, kernels, dots, blotches, lines, spirals, diagonals and [...]