Vladimir Potočnik. Paintings and Aquarells

11. 12. 2003 - 20. 1. 2004 Works Vladimir Potočnik Born 8 March 1943, Graz, Austria. Studied at the Academy of Fine Arts in Ljubljana. Completed post-graduate studies with Prof. Maksim Sedej in 1967.

Natalija Šeruga. Paintings

17. 10. 2003 - 20. 11. 2003   Works Natalija Šeruga   1971 – born in Maribor, Slovenia 2003 – MA Academy of Fine Arts, Ljubljana, Slovenia 1999 – BA Academy of Fine Arts, Ljubljana, Slovenia

Likos. Jubilee Exhibition 1963 – 2003

16. 7. 2003 - 3. 8. 2003   Works Artists: Milan Balažic, Anton Bertalanič, Ernest Bransberger, Živko Brkić - Žiga, Vilko Gerlec, Marjan Horvat, Aleksander Kološa, Karel Kosednar, Otilija Kreft, Franc Lasbaher, Mira ostojić, Irma Premrl, Jože Puhan, Alojzij Rous,  Vlado Sagadin, Pero Stojanović, Geza Škaper, Jože Špilak, Lojze Veberič, Avgust Velner  

Mirko Bratuša. Ordinary statues

6. 6. 2003 - 2. 7. 2003 The conception on the part of Bratuša has re-directed the perception of the gallery space into the idea deep within himself as regards the presentation of his sculpting creativeness. Reflective process has been directed in that now he is looking for the works-of-art which should make it possible [...]

Gašper Jemec. Turbolence Senc (2003)

7. 3. 2003 - 28. 3. 2003 The paintings of Gašper Jemec look as if a visual world was using mimcry in order to disclose itself to human eyes in the mere shape of cryptogram. It is a world of inner peace and tranquility. The painter is enjoying himself when he is painting random motion [...]

Anton Buzeti. Caricatures

5. 2. 2003 - 28. 2. 2003 Through their directness and lack of metaphors most of caricatures miss the point and sink into transparent banality. Anton Buzeti is one of the very few art teachers who is not only familiar with artistic requirements that a caricature has to meet but is also able to thoroughly [...]