European Triennial of Small-Scale Sculpture. Renaissance of The Statuette

30. 9. 2004 - 31. 12. 2004 "What me have experienced as regards figurative small-scale sculpture in the time period between 1945 and 1989 can be described as a kind of state of emergency caused by politics and ideology. Europe has been divided into not only free and independent Western Europe and socialist dictatorships from [...]

EUphoria (2004)

10. 6. 2004 - 4. 7. 2004 EU-phoria – an exhibition where noted creative artists from five new European Union countries met together to display their cultural roots and to advance their individual visions. Representation. Their own, that of their community, of their historical experiences and, at the same time, their future representation.t. … Artists from [...]

Mitja Ficko. Paintings

8. 4. 2004 - 30. 4. 2004   Works Mitja Ficko - 1973 born in Murska Sobota, Slovenija - 1994-99 has been studying painting arts on the Academy of Fine Arts in Ljubljana with mentors Janez Bernik and Gustav Gnamuš - 1998 he has studio in Ljubljana at AKC Metelkova City, Slovenija - 1999-2000 a [...]

Exhibition of Works of the Academy of Fine Arts Graduates

4. 3. 2004 - 28. 3. 2004 Exhibition of Works of the Academy of Fine Arts Graduates Mentor: Acad. painter prof. Gustav Gnamuš Exhibitors: Matej Lavrenčič, Mateja Korbar, Ana Sluga, Jovi Davinic, Katja Sodec, Katja Pal, Iva Tratnik, Andreja Muha, Suzana veren, Marina Gruden, Ana Kogoj, Sanela Jahić, Urša Vidic, Maja Pučelj   Works