Nikolaj Beer. Paintings and Drawings

15. 12. 2005 - 20. 1. 2006 Works Nikolaj Beer Nikolaj Beer was born on September 12, 1945 in Križevci in the region of Prekmurje, Slovenia. In 1973, he got his BA in painting at the Academy of visual arts in Ljubljana. His supervisor was professor Gabrijel Stupica. He often participates in art colonies. He [...]

The Tenth Anniversary of Painters Colony Primož Trubar Moravske Toplice

17. 11. 2005 - 7. 12. 2005 In 1995 the painter's colony at Moravske Toplice organized by Slovenian Protestand Society Primož Trubar, the Evangelican Protestant Church of Slovenia and the Commune of Moravske Toplice became one of the numerous dynamic fine arts events of the region Pomurje, which have, apart from the activity on the part [...]

Alenka Viceljo. Dreams in Porcelain

22. 6. 2005 - 1. 7. 2005 Works Alenka Viceljo Alenka Viceljo was born on April 23rd, 1960 in Ljubljana, Slovenia. Graduated on Academy of Fine Arts in Ljubljana, 1983, as a sculptress. Performed more than 50 individual exhibitions in Slovenia, Austria, Italy and in Croatia. Took part on many group exhibitions at home and [...]

Irena Brunec-Tébi. Fountain of Mysterious Junctions

9. 6. 2005 - 1. 7. 2005 “The journey through the labyrinth will be able to be experienced as a metaphor for life,” explains the author of the project. “We embark on our journey in the dark and life itself leads us towards the light. Those who follow this path, eventually experience enlightenment”. We can [...]

Andrej Jemec. Paintings and Graphics

12. 5. 2005 - 3. 6. 2005 The painting of Andrej Jemec, as regards style and the way of painting, is genuine action painting. The interaction between momentary sensation and its reflection requires for the painting to be completed rapidly which is why it is comprised in all its immediateness. Although the disintegration of material world [...]

Žarko Vrezec. Paintings

14. 4. 2005 - 5. 5. 2005 Works Žarko Vrezec Žarko Vrezec was born in  Ljubljana in 1950, where he studied at the Art Academy. Since 1972 he exhibited his works within frameworks of more than a 100 solo and about 350 joint exhibitions (Slovenia, Croatia, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Serbia, Montenegro, Macedonia, Greece, Romania, Hungary, [...]

Group Exhibition of Works of the Association of Fine Artists of Prekmurje and Prlekija

4. 3. 2005 - 24. 3. 2005 Group Exhibition of Works of the Association of Fine Artists of Prekmurje and Prlekija Exhibitiors: Igor Banfi, Dubravko Baumgartner, Nikolaj Beer, Franc Bencak, Dare Birsa, Ivo Bošnjakovič, Irena Brunec – Tébi, Robert Černelč, Jože Denko, Marika Danč Roth, Endte Gonter, Marjan Gumilar, Štefan Hauko , Zdenko Huzjan, Ignac [...]