Zmago Jeraj. Krivoustneži

18. 9. 1997 – 5. 10. 1997

Zmago Jeraj is a perfectionist. The structural harmony of his photographies, performed with aesthetic relevance, seems as a precondition and the only possible start for the snap to arise at all. The search or the sudden disclosure of a situation, which corresponds with the visual context of his message, demands a quick reaction. The perfection of the artistic making gives us a feeling of a deliberate research of the fixed moment, which is only possible through an absolute knowledge of artistic measures. The majority of the photographies is realized in the black-and-white technique, with a rich list of greyness and the expressive integration of the black-and-white antagonism. He is working only with natural light irrespective of the weather and time conditions to retain primary atmosphere. His authorial way is determined by the effective presentation of the blurred contours that reduces the unimportant details and exposes the tectonics of artistic elements. The structural and signifying mesh consists of formative and building contrasts, whereby especially the dynamics of the direction of the exercises, movement and the gazes of the presented figures is obvious and which again proves the mastery of the decisive moment. Artistic affirmation which imparts a special nature to the cycle of The Crook-boasters, is probably the last one in a series of paradox evocations. With this affirmation Zmago Jeraj finally prevented lasting efforts to place his crook-boasters among plain people of our everyday life who remain average, even on carnival day, when everything could be different.
Milojka Kline

Zmago Jeraj

The academic painter and art photographer, prof. Zmago Jeraj was born on November 9th 1937 in Ljubljana, the capital of Slovenia. He studied at the Academy of Fine Arts in Ljubljana and subsequently graduated from the Department of Painting at the Academy of Fine Arts in Belgrade with prof. Zora Petrović. Post-graduate studies in painting at the Academy of Fine Arts in Ljubljana at prof. Gabriel Stupica as well as at Hornsey College in London and in former Soviet Union. He lives in Maribor and works as senior lecturer at the Academy of Fine Arts in Ljubljana. Member of  ZDSLU (Union of Slovenian Fine Artists’ Associations) and DLUM (Maribor Fine Artists’ Association). His artistic work includes paintings, drawings and graphics as well as art-photography (co-founder of the Maribor Circle – so called “Black Photography). His works are found in many private and public collections.