Murska Sobota Gallery is central gallery for contemporary art in Pomurje.

We monitor the development of contemporary fine art in Pomurje and the wider Slovenian area and organize exhibitions of contemporary Slovenian artists of the 20th and 21st centuries.

In the gallery, you can take part in numerous guided tours and lectures that accompany the exhibitions of artists from the region and also from the wider Slovenian area, and you can also view the permanent collection of contemporary art, which is constantly being supplemented.


Some facts about Murska Sobota Gallery

More than 470 organized exhibitions

More than 830 works of art in the permanent collection

Central gallery of contemporary art in Pomurje

A rich program of fine arts

We co-create a lively cultural pulse in the city

More than 470 exhibitions

Since 1974, we have organized more than 470 exhibitions.